The Secrets of the Ancient Isles

This is really long

The group has discovered the existence of other islands, through research that was left at the observatory. Some of the islands discovered had creatures of horror on it, a land of fire, a land of no life yet beautiful to the eye (explorers never returned), and the island of were-people, which is the island that will collide with theirs. There were also reports of two leaders, Karla and Touka, who are on the island.
The Shantaks informed the group of a central observatory that the Shantaks try to avoid because of white dragons. The group makes the overall decision to plan to repair the telescope in this observatory.
The group then decides to go back to the dwarven capital. Once they arrived, they realized they needed a faster way to travel between these two locations. The group asks Tom if he can recreate the magic key. Unfortunately he was trying to regenerate the vampires arm, which didn’t work, but was satisfied with the result. Because of this he did not have time to help them find a way to travel faster. He says recreating the key is too expensive and he did not have time to help. He informs them of two magic cabinets that can be retrieved from his old research facility on the lost continent. These cabinets can be traveled through from one to the other.
Lolindor breaks from the group during this conversation to talk with Evan Oronar. Evan tells him that Lolindor’s father is in the middle of planning to usurp the guild head. Lolindor offers assistance of it would help, and the conversation ends. He asks Tom to teleport him to his father so they can talk. They talk about the rebellion and if Lolindor can bring support. They leave on a familial note. Lolindor returns to the party.
Tom volunteered to bring them there, but he could not stay because it would take too long, so he teleports them in and leaves.
The group is in the middle of an abandoned research facility and start their search. In their efforts they find a Leng spider, who turns half of the party insane, making the other half carry them away through a door opened by the magic key. They realize their mistake, and Tom fixes their brains.
After a long argument, the group reluctantly decides to go back, looking for the cabinets. In this encounter, they meet a demonic entity who refers to Wiljon as his nephew. He has a female puppet who he talks to like she is alive. This entity is escorted by many powerful demons who are perturbed at the site of Lolindor’s horn necklace. He says the cabinets are in the umbral dragon’s nest in this research facility. The demon pitches a deal, saying he will help the party retrieve the cabinets, in turn giving him the Shade’s Tear, which is a demonic artifact located in the same area as the cabinets.
The demon draws off the dragon, so the party can enter safely. The lair is filled with shadows, and the group fights through them to the treasure room. The group finds gold, various items, the cabinets, and what the party could assume is the Shade’s Tear. It is jet-black, tear-shaped, and lying on a pedestal.
Zadine picks up the tear, and was possessed by the evil energies resonating within. The party did not notice. They opened the door to Tom’s lab and was about to enter. Lolindor and Zadine were the last two in the treasure room when Zadine attacks Lolindor. As this is happening, the party hears the dragon returning, and hundreds of shadows pour down the staircase into the room, preparing to attack the party. Caladrel runs to get Tom, while the rest of the party tries to restrain Zadine, and keep everyone protected from the angry shadows. The group knocks Zadine unconscious as Tom arrives. Tom throws the group through the door and takes control of the shadows in the room. The Umbral Dragon bursts through the ceiling. Tom orders the group to close the door, and they do so. About ten seconds later, Tom teleports in, singed by his mighty foes shadow breath, but still breathing. He says, “The dragon is dead, let us see to Zadine.”
Zadine is freed from the influence of the gem, and Archmage Korath seals the gem deep within his palace.
The group decides they need somebody who can handle the tear properly, so they come up with the idea that Evelynn, Rudic’s sister might be a good candidate. The group goes looking for priests who are followers of “Gabriel.” The priests that were found through scrying were murdering “innocent” villagers. The group finds one within teleport range who they go to talk to. He says he was just accepted as the village healer in the town he was in, and Rudic was just given the “honor” of becoming the new high priest of Gabriel. In order to fully realize his powers, Rudic must go through the awakening ritual, which was refused. When the priest was questioned of the murders, he said he was cleansing evil from the town, looking twisted as he said it. The group leaves very quickly, realizing that Evelynn will not be of any help.
The group decides to return the tear to the demon, in fear of demon reprisal. As soon as his hands touched the tear, he looked fifty years younger and he teleported out with his entourage.
The party returns to the dwarven capital and sets up the cabinets between their current location and the observatory. In a week’s time, they repair the telescope in the observatory.
Soon after repairing the telescope, a messenger from the Bronzebiter household comes to the party’s mansion. He asked the group to come and visit the head of the Bronzebiter household. The group follows the messenger, and there is a police ring outside of the house. The group talks with the police, learning that the head of the household, along with others is dead. Once entering the house, the group finds a note left from Yang saying, “And so the council dies.” The group immediately runs to the council area, finding a metallic dragon and Yin, killing the council members. The group assumes the dragon is Yang.
The group attacks Yang, however they get away with many wounds and the council is dead regardless.
Within the same week as the council incident, the group begins hiring guards for their mansion. One of the guards hired is called Azmulk. He is a very suspicious individual who, during his interview process, lied about where he came from. However, Zadine was impressed by his forth-rightness when the group questioned him about the lie, and he was hired anyway.
The newly fixed telescope showed no new islands in reach, so the group decides to go to the central observatory. On the second day of the trip, the group spotted some bizarre creature that was some combination of a shark and a bear. It was enormous and heading in the groups direction. They ran from it, getting as much distance as they could between it and the group. However it seemed to be tracking the group even though it should have been impossible in this terrain. The fourth day, Tom appears with Sylvanis and Zarzaket trapped in a magical sphere. He says the elven capital is under attack, and to not go there during the battle. He then gives Zadine the magic key to his demi-plane. The two prisoners convince the party to open the portal to the capital and go anyway, releasing the two in the process.
The capital is in ruins, along with Tom’s library. The group runs towards the palace to repel the apparent demon invasion on the capital. They meet up with some defenders in the central square and repel many waves of demons. Xanos raises elves from the dead to help stamp out demons in the city. Zadine was severely injured and teleported to Avon for safety.
The group goes to the palace, finding Sylvanis dead on the ground next to the corpse of a Pit Fiend. Further into the palace, they find Tom, Korath, and Zarzaket, who is heavily injured, fighting another Pit Fiend. Rudic successfully kills the Pit Fiend with a surprise attack from behind. As it falls, a man dressed in black appears behind Tom, slits his throat, and leaves with Tom’s soul before the group has time to react. A letter was found addressed to Wiljon from Hellfire saying how he took down the anti-demonic barrier around the capital. With nothing else to do at that time, the group helps repair the city until Tom’s funeral.
Its a private funeral with only the party and the Archmage. Tom’s body is put on a boat and pushed off towards a portal that leads to the ocean. On its way there, a portal opens near it and pulls it in. This portal leads to the Aether. Wiljon opens a portal to the Aether to follow it, finding the boat in the Aether being pulled into another portal that leads to the material plane.
In the Aether, the party minus Rudic is ambushed by three of the five demon lords. They try to attack Wiljon, however their powers are weak on the Aether. Nepmatirael and King Henry appear near Wiljon and pull him out of the Aether, everyone else was able to get out on their own.
Wiljon’s two “saviors” berate him on going into the Aether and then leave the party in silence. The group does not attend the capital’s mass funeral.
Meanwhile, Zadine is in Avon where the local governor is subjugating dwarfs. Zadine contacts the resistance force in the city and connects them to the elvish high command. He then begins to make his way back to the capital.
Once he arrives the group unites and opens the only remaining door in Tom’s library. The demi-plane beyond the door looks like Tom’s childhood. In this plane, the only solid house is one overlooking the village. Inside, the group finds Xanos, the librarian, and Tom’s body.
Xanos says that the Blood Brothers assassinated Tom. A common practice amongst the group is to seal the soul of their targets so they cannot be revived. Xanos wants to retrieve the soul, but there are no leads. Xanos brings the party to the dwarven capital.
Zadine immediately heads towards the new council, asking about a meeting with the king. He finds everyone there planning an assault on the elven capital. The king wreaks with a demonic aura. Zadine leaves quickly. noticing that the Bloodhammer council member is the only one who isn’t influenced. Bloodhammer escorts Zadine back and tells him that he plans to leave the capital and rejoin the deep tunnel armies battling the duergar.
The party notices that Azmulk has replaced all of the your staff with different people and doubled its size. They appear to be a part of the a bigger organization, and they give you cryptic instructions to explore the central observatory. Considering the king’s current “mood,” the party decides it is a great idea to leave and do so immediately.
After a week of travel, the party arrives at the central building. The building goes deep underground and the lower levels are swarming with white dragons. The group enters through the top, and descends into the city. Underground, there is a mighty battle between machines and a shoggoth frozen in time. Before the group has time to explore the entire underground city, the great wyrm white dragon takes notice of the groups presence, and addresses them. Not wishing to fight the hordes of dragons, the party talks with the dragon. They learn that the white dragons and the duergars have formed an alliance to get rid of the demonic influence in the capital. They plan on coordinating with Karla and her army of Leng spiders to attack the capital in a years time. The white dragon lets the party meet with the duergar representative below the dragon’s lair. Dolgan, the representative, explains who the duergar are. He says they are the old dwarves before the modern ones, who sealed Amaethon beneath the capital. In order to keep him sealed, they fused their essences with the Shade’s Tear. As a result, the majority of the duergar went insane. The modifications to the tear allowed a small number of the duergar to maintain their sanity and govern the rest. This enabled them to become completely immune to the demon’s mind affecting abilities. However, when the knew dwarves arrived, a small group stole away the demon’s essence and the duergar have been trying to retrieve it ever since.
Zadine explores alternate options to assault the capital. Dolgan says that Azmulk is his main spy, who is also the only scion of the Bronzebiter family. Amaethon can create as many simulacrum as possible, so be careful, says he.
The party goes back to the capital, hiding in the mansion and discussing strategy with Azmulk. He says that he is making contact with an individual named Touka, who is representing the Leng spider army. The contact is being made in several months. Azmulk also informs the party that Lord Attis, one of the contenders for the human throne, was assassinated. A second, Lady Isana has withdrawn candidacy and claimed support of whoever wins. Additionally a dwarven colony on the lost continent was completely decimated by Leng spiders.

Its been 11 years
not really

The group went to rescue Boum from the blood brothers in Avon. Tom teleported the group into an inn that he remembered, which just so happened to be a room that was currently being occupied by Yin and Yang. Whoops. They give the group the bounties that were currently on their heads. They left to find Boum. The group ended up killing EVERYONE that belonged to the blood brothers in the area, which involved people in public as well. This event is now known as the “Avon Massacre.”
Then the group took a ship to the dwarven lands with the dwarven ambassador to give the dwarven king the blue orbs the group had come across. On the ship, Yin and Yang were transporting two pieces of cargo that were both magical. One detected as necromantic. Then the group tried to warn Tom and the crew about the cargo. Tom didn’t answer, and the crew was scared of what Yin and Yang would do. The groups meddling ended with the captain being killed by Yin. The group is sent off the ship, and uses Tom’s key to his library.
Nepmatirael came to Wiljon and said that some of his kids are currently in Nymor, so Tom brings them there, only to find the city burning. The group fights their way to the center of the city, finding children that match the description of Wiljon’s. They discover that the cause of the fire was Wiljon’s children. Esateh sends her demons in to claim the children, causing a demon war in Nymor. Evelynn Maethil shows up during the fight and causes more destruction with her Castle of Storms. Nepmatirael offers a deal to Wiljon to send his demons in to fight, in exchange for half of Wiljon’s saved kids. The group agrees and Esateh’s forces are thwarted. The group was left with three children, Zarzuket II, Hellfire, andSylvannis. The group then goes to the dwarven port city.
The group then gets transported from the Port city of Norgrod to Orzon, by train. Cool. Once there, they go straight to the king to report their discoveries. The king then grants Zadine and his friends the titles of honorary nobles, and is given the option to buy property. The group bought and fixed up a mansion.
One night in the capital, Zadine has a dream that an honor guard escorts him to the castle. Once inside, the king asked him if he knew how to summon a devil. Zadine said yes, so the king probed his mind and began to look very demonic. Then Zadine woke up with Tom’s key on his person. Tom said he saw Zadine talking to Hellfire at night. The group was confused at this event.
The group could not figure out why Zadine’s odd dream happened, so they began to investigate a map of the old dwarven continent. On this map, there are some observatories in the north, so the group decides to buy a ship and sail up to them.
On their trip they encountered a brine dragon, who they ended up giving “goods” to satisfy. Once there, they traveled east to find the closest observatory. At this place, they found the Shantaks, who will take them to other islands, and the telescope. There will be more later.


Boum hears someone breaking down a door in Tom’s library. Boum goes into an extradimensional space. He meets Xanos, a lich, in the space which is one of the labs. Boum is brought down by Xanos to meet the culprit of the door-breaker, the Archmage Korath. They tell Boum to leave, but he listens in on their private conversation. Boum hears of things about the Golden Vultures, troop movements, and Evan Orinar.
Lolindor, Zadine, and Wiljon arrive. They heal Tom, making him stable. Unfortunately he does not wake up. Wiljon asks the librarian where Tom keeps is potions, and the librarian points to a door, which is locked. Wiljon then asks if he can bring him healing potions for Tom. The librarian turns to mist and leaves under the main door. The party hears screaming in the distance. The mist comes back. The librarian is holding a large sack, and he is covered in blood. The sack contains healing potions. Wiljon uses a potion on Tom, and he wakes up. The party agrees that the librarian’s actions were caused by the party’s actions, and the party gives the potions to the nearest temple. Tom asks how they got away from Nymore. Wiljon explains how he made a deal with Nepmatirael to give him children for help. Wiljon then realizes that he does not know where his children are right now. He is fucking angry. Boum tells Tom what had happened to him while he was gone. Tom gathers everyone around, and begins to talk about the Golden Vultures. Lolindor tells Tom that the guildmaster is his father. Tom says that he should reopen his connections with his father, because Martin Orinar is the only person that is trying to stop the colony continent from invading the hub continent. The party waits for Rudic’s possible arrival. Most of he party is reading, but Wiljon wants to find his children. All of the undead stop moving one night, and Tom is with the party. They ask Elijah what the undead are doing, and he says they are respecting their lord. The party smells burning paper, and finds three children in the library. Nepmatirael is there and tells Wiljon it is time for him to learn how to bind demons to his person. He throws Sasael at Wiljon’s feet, and one of Sasael’s books. Zadine and Lolindor argue with Nepmatirael about the spell. The demon lord waves his hand and Zadine is gone. Wiljon performs the ritual, giving Sasael to Wiljon. Zadine reappears and Nepmatirael disappears. Sasael is now very awkward around Wiljon. He does not want Sasael to be this way around him, so he decides to try and break the bond. Tom volunteers to break it. Wiljon feels a burning in his chest and Sasael blinks, as if he found himself. He thanks Wiljon for freeing him, and then Sasael vanishes. At this point, Wiljon also realizes he has had sex with more then 1800 people, and Demon Lords are more fertile then others.
Rudic and Caladrel wonder the outskirts of the port city after arriving trying to find out how to get inside the city. Tom says that it is time to go to the port town. The party plans to send Boum in first because he has no bounty on his head. Tom creates a magical key. It makes any door it’s used in enter into Tom’s library.

The Burning City

Tom teleports the Librarian, Lolindor, Wiljon, and Zadine to the outskirts of Nymore to follow up on Nepmatirael’s tip. However, when they arrive at Nymore, they find the city ablaze. An enormous thunderstorm circled above the burning port, with strange birds flying in between the dark clouds. The fire itself occupied a good quarter of the city and was the most concentrated in the town center. After a request from Wiljon, Tom scried the disaster and located what appeared to be a small group of the Children gathered in the main square fighting off a hoard of demons.
Gathering everyone together once again, Tom teleports the group into the city, aiming for an inn at the edge of the fire. Inside the inn were members of Nymore’s militia, who were attempting to hold the door against a group of demons. Tom removes the demons with little effort and leads the group out into the streets. Around the inn were several hastily constructed barricades manned with scattered combinations of Nymore’s Guard, militia, and army. Several were unsurprisingly under demonic assault, and they appeared to be defending against waves originating from the center of the city. However, the strange birds flying in the storm overhead were attacking both humans and demons with self-generated bolts of electricity. Tom grows concerned with the birds and flies up with the Librarian to draw the birds away from the human warriors. Meanwhile, Wiljon charges further into the center of the city.
The group eventually comes across a human barricade blocking their advancement as it defended against several powerful demons. Zadine and Wiljon jumped into the fray, managing to damage and hinder a significant portion of the attacking force. The commanding Captain Wilson greets the three with relief, and fills them in on the current situation. The Children had assaulted the gate hours before, penetrating into the heart of the city and starting much of the current fire. It was only after they took the main square that the demons began appearing, and according to the reports the demons targeted the Children first and started attacking the rest of the city as something of an afterthought. The storm overhead rolled in only a half hour ago, and it moved supernaturally fast. During the discussion, their position is overrun by a Shemhazian Demon.
While retreating under the cover of a mass invisibility, Wiljon is approached by Nepmatirael in his familiar guise of a sprightly old man. Nepmatirael offers a deal: he will cleanse this city of demons for the price of half of Wiljon’s surviving Children. After a few seconds of debate with Zadine, Wiljon accepts the Demon Lord’s offer. In order to make good on his deal, Nepmatirael has Wiljon open a rift into the Abyss, from which he summons a demon army. Nepmatirael’s army swiftly outmatches the other demons and carves a path into the center of the city. When the group arrives at the center of the town, Nepmatirael sends them into the Children’s fortifications (taking the form of a smuggler’s tunnel beneath one of the market buildings) because he claims that the children would only attack him and his messengers on sight.
After Lolindor disarms (literally) and kills the Horned Demon general, Wiljon comes face to face with six of his Children. The oldest one (who also appears to be the leader) looks eighteen, while the others cover a variety of apparent ages down to eight. The leader is hostile to Wiljon, he has suffered much in his life and he does not trust the sudden appearance of his father or the arguments against his philosophy. At the end of their conversation, he storms out with another of the Children, while the remaining four gather around their newfound father.
Upon exiting the tunnels, the group is met by Nepmatirael. The Demon Lord reiterates the original bargain, stating that he has only received two Children while Wiljon has four (insinuating that he had already picked up the two Children who stormed out down in the tunnels). Wiljon reluctantly hands over the youngest of the Children, who is excited to be able to help his father. Meanwhile, the eldest of the Children remaining with Wiljon (who appears to be thirteen) stares rebelliously at the nascent Demon Lord.

Skipping School

Rudic and Caladrel are with Vadania in the woods. Vadania recommends the group stays off the road, avoiding big cities, and stopping at thorps. The sixth day travelling, the group sees a thorp in the distance with the blue eels from the cavern near Nymor. The three go into the thorp, and no one is in sight. Rudic and Caladrel entered the thorp, and the blue eels started to swarm the two of them. They didnt do anything else. The two enter the house and nothing happens. They hear a chanting from a house in the middle of the thorp. Rudic goes in, finding Alan, the leader of Evelynn’s cult. They leave the house, and Alan follows. They talk about superfluous things, and then he offers Rudic a vial of Evelynn’s blood. Rudic continues to refuse the offer, and eventually runs away with Caladrel, who is now a hawk. As they are running, Alan disappears and reappears on the back of Rudic’s bear. Alan grapples Rudic and attempts to give him the blood. Caladrel use hydraulic push on the grappled pair. It did not work and Alan fed Rudic the blood. Him and his bear proceeded to kill him horribly. Vadania shows up and asks about what happened. Rudic tells her that Alan was a cultist that fed him magical blood.
The three continue, and rest for the night. Rudic passed out from pain, and woke up, being able to see better in the dark, and see a dark aura around Vadania. Rudic tells her everything that happened except the aura. They continue to another thorp, and Rudic sees many people with the dark aura. The next night, Caladrel sees a creature flying in the sky. It confuses Rudic’s bear, and it hits itself in its face. The creature is gone.
It is heading towards a nearby thorp. The group chases it through the thorp and kills it. Rudic tells Vadania about the auras because the infected citizens were glowing. She then kills the five in the village that are infected. Vadania rejoins the party and Rudic tells her about her aura. She tells them that its most likely her demon powers. The group runs from the angry mob chasing them. They get away and have the day to themselves. They decide to destroy all the hosts of the gloomwing’s eggs they come across.
The three continue travelling, and Caladrel is struck in eagle form with three flaming arrows. Caladrel recognizes one of the archers as the assassin that almost killed Rudic. The party continues to run and stops in the next thorp to rest. In the middle of the night, the assassins enter the village and talk to each other about where Rudic and Caladrel went. The group escapes out the back of their hut. They go north to throw the assassin’s off.
The view switches to the other group with Tom. Tom teleports the librarian, himself, and Zadine to Nymor.

Demon Babies

The group talks to Tom about the books. Tom asks them why they had anti-scrying magic on; the group is confused, as they didn’t use any anti-scrying spells. the group thinks it may have been Vadania. Tom tells them that he cannot find them if the spell is up since he hasn’t much experience with divination. He tells them to turn the scrying spell off next time they send him a raven. The group tells Tom where they are going so he may be able to track them. He gives them a crystal ball that will allow them to contact him. Tom asks Wiljon what he has experienced of his demon heritage. He hasn’t experienced anything yet. Tom gives them 5000 gp each that he earned from sells other books and wants to give them a Deck of Many Things, a Book of Infinite Spells, The Philosopher’s Stone, and the Orbs of Dragonkind. Tom makes Rudic‘s bear larger. Tom draws Wiljon aside. He sets up a silence field to ask him something in private. He asks about Sasael and asks him to give him more information if he experiences anything new. Tom then leaves. Wiljon gets to his room and there is a familiar old man sitting there with Sasael in the open. The old man smiles and says “Welcome! Nice to see you.” Sasael is cowering. The old man explains that the wish that would give Wiljon information on his past is not as alluring anymore and summons two black flames, who turn into the shapes of a teenager and a younger child. They are Wiljon’s children, cast out from society. He sends them away and asks Wiljon to put them under his command. He is that demon lord who’s name starts out with N. Wiljon denies and N leaves, saying to watch out because the group has company. Sasael tells him that Yin is outside. The group is woken up and they meet Yin in the hallway. He is holding a piece of paper. He lets them know of bounties on their head. “Is this a hint to leave?” “It’s a hint to try.” The entire group is the second largest bounty in human history. They run to the dwarven ambassador’s room and run out that window. The group manages to get out before a large group of people looking like the assassins sent after Vadania get to the inn and proceed to set fire to their rooms. An owl is following them, and is crushed by something invisible, probably Sasael. Three more owls catch sight of them after the first one lets out a caw (the bounty hunters now know what direction the group is traveling in) and a couple are dispatched by Sasael again. They see a blue light shining on a building in front of them. It is a conjuration spell of some sort: fairly high level. Rudic runs off to get his bear from the stables in the west end of the town. Zadine takes out the crystal ball to try to get to Tom. It fails. They hear screaming from the direction of the blue light. They plow through a nearby door and a crossbow bolt bounces off of Lolindor’s armor. An old man has shot it from the corner with his crying children. Lolindor throws him a coin and the group runs in. A Fiendish T-Rex has been transported into the area of blue light. The group jumps out the window, traveling east to get away from the T-Rex. There are more owls following them now as they run down the street. The air gets colder and ice starts forming on the tops of the buildings. Assassins are in several of the nearby windows and shot at the group. Zadine casts obscuring mist and keeps the group concealed. They manage to get one of the assassins in a building, vulnerable. they charm him and ask a few questions. they are being chased by the Blood Brothers, and apparently Yin and Yang were forced into service. They convince him to cover for them, and they gtfo. They sneak from house to house and after a while they begin to run. 27 owls begin following them. 5 men jump out of a window and run after them. It gets colder and the group decides to navigate houses again. The are successful and reach the gate. There are twelve guards at the gate. Zadine lights a rag on fire and uses pyrotechnics to create a flashbang grenade. The guards are disabled. The ground in front of them ripples as they run to get horses and a fist of stone raises from the ground. It hits Lolindor. One of the guards detects as magic, and the fist was that of an earth elemental. they make a break for the gate. They get out of the guard crowd. They are hit by a Cold cloying Miasma of greasy Darkness (what the fuck). Half the guards die. The wizard up top is still shooting spell at them and they run. The spellcaster runs at them on the air. Four things as large as humans are flying towards their direction. They attack the spellcaster, who hides from more injury by casting obscuring mist on himself in the sky.

Meanwhile, Rudic gets the shit kicked out of him and almost dies. Fucking lucky!

They ask why the elven kingdom wants the dwarven ambassador dead. They learn the history of the Blood Brothers. They summon Tom outside the city and ask to be brought to his lab.

Rudic meets Vadania in the woods and he almost told her that they had a bounty on their heads. He explains their situation and they find out that she is the one who put the anti-scrying spell on the group.

The rest of the group is transported to Tom’s lab. There are a bunch of books, and the Librarian. Elijah is there, pale-faced and missing flesh from his arm. God damn it. He moves twitch-ily and has bags under his eyes. He tells the group he died. He is a remnant who Tom has calmed now. They talk more about undead and the Librarian. He found a way to manufacture Wiljon’s blood in larger quantities. Wiljon reveals Sasael and his children to the group.

The part where we die (maybe)

Karla asks the group if they knew Wiljon‘s parents. The group responds that they did not. She offers the suggestion that the “whole demon thing” might have started with his parents, but she says it should be kept a secret from him. She gives no reason for the secrecy. The groups walks with her in silence for another half hour until an oval line appears on a tree in front of them. The tree opens as if it were a door and out walks Tom. Karla breaks out her sword and Tom breaks out a ball of black electricity. Zadine motions for Tom to leave and the rest of the group sits there. Tom and Karla ask each other, "Why didn’t you follow through?" (apparently meaning “Why didn’t you kill me?”) and the group is asked to explain what’s going on. They say that they wanted Tom to help them get away. Karla seems confused at how a Necromancer would help the group. Tom is confused by the word Necromancer, and Karla explains that he is a necromancer because he deals with the bodies of the dead. Tom looks at the group, “So she’s not trying to kill you?” and they respond with an “It’s complicated.” and “Not now.” He asks if there’s a reason he should recapture her and Karla threatens to kill him. Tom finds out she’s not a demon or aether construct and makes the ball disappear. He begins floating and decides he has no problem with her since she’s not a demon. Karla wonders why she shouldn’t kill him because he is a necromancer, and since he has never released a demon to create havoc she is slightly deterred from killing him. She wonders what his motives are. We find out that Tom has been trying to find a way to let the undead live in sunlight. He feels sympathy for them because they are forced to kill, and believes if they could live in the sun and feed without murdering they could be like us. He responds ambiguously to the next few questions, and Karla takes a swing at him. Something shatters around him as the sword stops short of his body. A protective spell is visible, like a bubble all around him. Boum and Caladrel heal Wiljon to wake him up at this point. Tom falls down, says something in an obscure language, and the ground buckles around Karla, pulling her into the earth. Tom is wheezing; Karla is trapped for about five minutes. The group explains their situation to Tom. Wiljon flips shit upon hearing that the books were set fire to. Tom decides he will teleport the entire library away, save the Shoggoth. He gives them another raven so they can contact him and Wiljon gives him a vial of blood so the vampire won’t kill him. Karla pops up and turns into a tiger to run to the library to try to keep Tom from taking it.
p. The group gets back to town and asks the Dwarven Ambassador when they can leave. He says they have another day in town, disbelieves their story of events, and asks for the giant blue orb. The group gives it to him to make themselves seem more sane in his eyes. The group asks him to hurry up with his business. The group remembers that when they reentered town there was a burst of blue light coming from where the library was, accompanied by a gust of wind that broke down trees. (possibilities: tom is dead, the library has been removed, the library is on fire, or the goddamned Shoggoth woke up, fuck) The group moves to another hotel. A bulge forms in the wood of the floor, and as the bulge grows it turns into Tom. Tom asks Wiljon what his blood is because it is Demon Lord blood. Tom asks for more of his blood to try and calm undead like vampires. He reveals that the vampire can write all of the books from memory. The group asks for copies of the burned books and the entire Dwarven section. (the explosion/blue light was Tom by the way)Tom leaves.
p. Boum takes a potion and transforms into a dapper half-orc. He is coherent and named Reynaldo. He explains to Zadine how to make explosives and Zadine takes notes although it is a little futile since he can’t be taught since only the one who mixes the magical potions can use them and he’s not an alchemist. The group reads their un-burned books.
p. The group returns to the old inn to find the doors of the rooms they were in were broken, windows smashed. There are guards and shaken peasants. Obviously they made a good decision to move to another inn. The Dwarven ambassador is horrified, knowing what rooms they were in. Zadine walks off alone to send a message to the Dwarven ambassador to let him know they were indeed being followed/hunted. On the way through the crowd, he sees Yin and Yang looking up at the destruction. The ambassador lets him know that they are leaving soon, and they come up with a plan to leave in small groups so as not to arouse suspicion.
p. Caladrel in bird form runs into Sasael literally and sees nothing. Wiljon and Lolindor are approached by a girl whose dress is torn. A man follows her out of an alley. They end up escaping with her, but she appears to be a part of a trap as random poisoned crossbow is shot at Lolindor. Lolindor throws the girl off the horse, she gets shot, and he jumps off to go get her. He runs with her to try to get to the gate while Wiljon takes the horse. Caladrel used hydraulic push to knock Yang far away. Caladrel kept up with the two to make sure he could keep them alright. In hawk form, Caladrel shows Lolindor the way to get through the crowds they’ve come upon. Wiljon continues on his path. The girl stops crying and her appearance changes slightly, enough to make Lolindor drop her. She raises and hand and shoot lightning at the wall behind him. She mutters “Shit”, implying that she missed whatever she meant to hit. She jumps out of his arms and starts running with him. She reveals her name as Vadania, telling him that she is a witch who is apparently being hunted by Yin and Yang. Lolindor probes into who she is, why she’s being followed, and she tries to trip him. She succeeds, and saves him from being hit by a throwing axe. Yin starts to come out of invisibility and starts to run down an alleyway. Wiljon sees someone run out of the alleyway, sees the girl transformed and she tells him to get over to them with a hand motion. She jumps on the horse behind him and tells him to go. Caladrel sees a raven and the flying halfling that is Yang. The bird has glowig runes around its leg. He makes a sound so the group will notice something. Wiljon turns the corner and sees about 20 people in black cloaks in the area they’re moving towards. The raven comes over the roof and lands on Vadania’s shoulder. She breathes a sigh of relief, grabs the anklet is has, mutters a few words, and suddenly to two are in a forest with trees everywhere. Caladrel sees that trees have begun to grow rapidly all around the city. Vadania jumps off the horse and actually into a tree. Wiljon jumps off the horse because it is going to run into a tree. The horse also goes through the tree and arrives on the other side, confused. He jumps back on the horse. Caladrel sees Yang shooting fireballs at the trees. Lolindor sees people hacking at the trees. Lolindor jumps on the horse with Wiljon and they get out of the town as quickly as possible.The three are out of the city. The others take the chance to get out in the chaos.
p. Out of the city they meet with the Dwarven ambassador. The learn that they have a choice to go to the elven capital to see some ruins or go straight to the Dwarven continent. The group decides to go to the Dwarven continent. They got to a town; Tom was there. They got the burnt books back. The summoning demon book shows how to summon a devil, which requires a super big amount of people to be sacrificed. 60 yrs before the catastrophe a devil was summoned. The four books Wiljon got all described devils and the murder of 20,000 people to summon one. Spawn of a devil are known as demon lords.

Dead Children

September 23rd-25th
The group wakes up, and Lolindor and Rudic go shopping in the market, as the rest of the party stays inside reading the books they obtained in the library. On the way to the market, The two of them come across a large crowd forming. As they get closer, they see eight children dead, very pale, and have two red marks on their necks. They also see Cheetara on the other side of an alleyway. Deciding that it would be too dangerous to follow Cheetara, judging from Rudic’s last experience with her, the two of them continue to the market. During their shopping escapade, Lolindor Orinar feels someone leaning against his back. The person says, “I’m sorry Mr. Oronar, but we cannot retrieve your lost son.” This scared Lolinder, so both him and Rudic went back to the inn.
Once back, an announcement was made throughout the town saying that there were eight dead and fifteen missing, and anybody who knows any information should report it to the guard post. The party goes to the guard post and informs them that The Librarian (not the actual term used) can turn into mist.
As they leave the guard post, Cheetara is walking towards their general direction. The party addresses her and begins to talk about the Librarian. Cheetara suggests destroying the library, and the party argues against it. During the conversation, she reveals her actual name is Karla. Because of Karla’s desire to destroy the library, the party wants to retrieve as many books as they can before the deed is done. Karla believes the books should not be taken out the library, because they might be “evil,” so the party does their best to argue against it. Karla says she will let the party take out two more books per person out of the library. The party agrees to this offer, and plan to go to the library later. First they go back to the inn. Once there, the party questions Wiljon about how Carla learned all of her knowledge through Wiljon. He says he has no idea. Zadine asks the party if the party can have a conversation with Wiljon in the room, and the party decides to ask him to leave. Wiljon goes to his room to check on Sasael. He is awake, so Wiljon asks him about the vampires. Sasael tells him that vampires are a form of undead and explains how they are created. Sasael also tells Wiljon that Karla, the were-tiger, is from another “island,” as are the other were-races. After the conversation, Wiljon goes to the nearest brothel.
The rest of the party goes to the library the next morning. On their way to the library, they see a group of people with torches and pitchforks in the square. The group agrees that it is Carla who made the group. Now, they go to the library with increased speed, knowing they are pressed with time. Once at the entrance, they find clerics of the church outside, defending the entrance. Wiljon says that the Librarian should stop doing whatever he is doing, and let us in, because the party will give whatever he needs to him. The Librarian assumes this means more blood from Wiljon, so one of the dominated clerics asks for some of his blood. The party is disgusted, but thanks him for agreeing to give blood.
Once in the library, the Librarian takes the blood. The party sees that there are about twenty three more vampires in the library. One of the other vampires attempts to attack the party, but the Librarian tackles him down. After that, the party searches for an hour. Rudic picks a book on demonic exorcisms and a book on easier ways around enchantments. Lolinder is picking out books on maps and folklore. Wiljon is picking books on the history of his family. Zadine is looking for books written by famous researchers who studied demon lords. Boum is looking for books on chemical and arcane knowledge. Wiljon also asks the vampire if it knew anything about a family who made a deal with demons. The vampire pulls out four books and hands them to Wiljon. They are called the Art of Summoning Demons, History of the Dwarves, a collection of files called the Declassified Reports of the Operations of the Elven Corps, and the Art of Warfare. The party discusses ways to distribute the books to follow Karla’s rules, but then decides to take as many as they want, but only hold two. The entire party finds books they are interested in and hides them.
The party decides to call Tom to warn him about Karla, but once they went outside to call, Karla was on the roof. She requested to see all the books we took, and for the party to empty all bags, including extra-dimensional spaces. The party, completely out of options, decides to try and escape. As soon as Karla lights the match, Lolinder calls for Tom. Zadine extinguishes the match, turning it into a large cloud of smoke. Wiljon turns, runs, and calls for the Librarian’s help. The dominated clerics turn and pull their weapons. Rudic attempts to grab the books. He was slapped with the flat side of the sword, and then Karla pounced on Wiljon and tore a part of him off. At this moment, the party switches their opinion and tries to save Wiljon. Karla then burns the books. Damn it. After the burning was over, the party starts asking her questions about how the world works. The party learns things such as what the “islands” are and how the astral and aether planes work. The party begins telling Karla about the gnomish blue stones, and the information contained inside. Karla is interested in the information, and she also is able to reactivate the blue stones. Throughout the conversation, the tentacle-like creature skeletons from the library and the previous gnomish city come up. Karla explains that the creatures were called Shoggoth. The party also learns about what the current of the dead is.

Wherein we likely die through fog monsters
Dying, fog monsters

Our heroes stayed among the books for hours.Lesil approached wearing a strange expression. He noted the disappearance of The Librarian. At this point, our heroes find cryptic text, such as “he/it/ate/us.” Naturally, they found this rather disconcerting. The handwriting matches the journal’s, which was apparently written by the Librarian . He details how he was able to survive down in the library for so long; eating parts of his “master’s” energy. Slowly, he goes mad. 2000+ years of isolation will do that to you. We traversed to the center of the library, and found a mound of skeletons similar to the one at the gnomish city. Entering the skeleton mound, they find a giant skeleton with bones stained black. The human skeletons seem to reach out for this great beast. It lays upon a circle of strange metal. The skull of this creature has an abnormally large mouth. While examining the skull, the metal begins pulsing, akin to a heart beat. Our valiant heroes run quickly, as mist congeals around us. We run out of the ruin, to discover that the iron doors keeping us in were crumpled and tossed aside, with the clerics inside running in horror. The Librarian had torn the high priest in two. The creature, after killing the priest, headed towards the town. The heroes arrived to find the gate smashed, and the guards shivering and terrified. The creature had entered the town, and the guards were not able to kill him. “Cheetara” was found in the crowd, and the heroes gave chase, as she seemed to be following the mist creature’s trail. She punched Rudic in the face as he caught up, knocking him out in one blow. As the group did not see the blow, they assumed he had tripped. Cheetara disappeared into the crowd, leaving Zadine and Wiljon to tale her, as Boum had to carry Rudic back to safety. They continued down an alley, and were quickly surprised by Cheetara from behind. She leaves,taking (unbeknownst to Zadine) Sasael with her. The heroes revive Rudic and, after an unsuccessful attempt to use another blue recording stone, read the books they had retrieved from the library. Rudic learns that her sister’s demonic possession can be cured without killing her, but rather restraining her and having an exorcism for one day long. Zadine discovered many different mining techniques using magic for the dwarves. Wiljon learned what kind of demon Sasael was. Once everyone was asleep, Wiljon hears a knock at his door. He opened the door to find Sasael at his feet. They converse, and Wiljon learns that Sasael has forgotten most of his memories. Wiljon can make the assumption from the books he read earlier that Sasael was forced by Cheetara to give her his memories. The next morning, Wiljon helps Sasael recover his memories. Through this conversation, Sasael reveals to Wiljon that the mist monsters are actually called vampires.

Story So Far

The campaign begins in Darantai, with Amowen Wiljon, Lolindor Orinar, Rudic Maethil, and Zadine Tarish holding a meeting together at a local tavern. Universally of the opinion that the best way to accomplish their goals was to adventure, the group decides to set out together, for there is safety in numbers. After some interesting encounters with the supposedly barbaric lizardfolk, Rudic, Wiljon, and Zadine are told to flee the city in order to escape from a powerful black market organization known as the Golden Vultures. Catching a caravan to Ildard, the three leave Lolinder behind in Darantai.

Ildard proves to be even worse than Darantai. The city is essentially a police state, with the guards taking special interest in incoming wizards. The group takes refuge with the Church of Pelor and end up escaping the city via the Astral Plane with the clerics.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: caladrel arrives at Darantai in the hope of finding a way to ease the tension with the lizardfolk. He and Lolinder are quickly entangled in Jay‘s scheme to murder Sylvannis. While Jay’s plan succeeds, the two are rescued by Illenia and brought to Altonshire, where they meet up with Rudic, Wiljon, and Zadine.

Rudic eventually convinces the group to head up to Nymore, where the rumors were placing his sister, Evelyn Maethil. Before heading out the group encounters the Storm Castle, which destroys a significant chunk of Altonshire. Once in Nymore the group quickly runs into Evelyn’s Cult. They decide to track one of the cult members to his hideout, which was located in abandoned ruins some distance outside of town. The group arrives in time to witnesses a giant battle between the cult and a demon horde. The battle ends with Evelyn ascending up from the ruins to the Storm Castle along with an unidentifiable medium-sized blue crystal.

Satisfied with his encounter with his sister, Rudic agrees to set out to Neras in order to lend support to the Church of Pelor’s anti-demon crusade. Although Wiljon faced some difficulties with Apostle Luke, the group successfully survived the recon mission. They bolstered the wall defenses until the demons broke through the gate and then retreated back to Altonshire with the rest of the clerics.

Seeing the Golden Vultures beginning to move in on Altonshire, the group decides their best option is to travel to a more peaceful continent. On their way out they investigate two of strange obsidian lined tunnels and find two Memory Stones detailing events before the Catastrophe. At Zadine’s insistence, they promise both to the dwarven ambassador Falbir Bronzebiter.

Near the end of the voyage, Caladrel spots a badly damaged ship heading towards them. Tom teleports aboard from the wreck and recruits the group to supplement his skeleton crew and to assist with repairs. The Storm Castle appears once again and shipwrecks the vessel, releasing several of Tom’s experimental subjects. One in particular, “Cheetara”, killed most (if not all) of the crew and ran up the coast to Ingari.

The group followed Cheetara up to Ingari but lost sight of her upon reaching the town. They met up with Bronzebiter and arranged to travel with him as soon as his ambassador duties were finished. Meanwhile, they alerted Tom of the fate of his ship and received an obsidian raven messenger as compensation.

Meeting a young elf named Lesil exiting a mercenary base, the group is persuaded to assist in the exploration of a newly discovered cavern. Boum is introduced to the group as an assistant of the Archaios Kosmo, the organization that hired the PCs.


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