Rudic Maethil

Elf Ranger


His physical features include long black hair, green eyes, about 5’3", and 105 pounds. He can be described as a closed-off person. He is social, but not about his emotions. Although short, he is a very intimidating person to be around. If someone says the wrong thing to him, he won’t react well. If people are all well around, him, he can prove to be a valuable ally.


Both of his parents were in the Elite Guard of the Elven Capital as archers. From birth, Rudic, and his fraternal twin sister Evelyn, were exposed to the way of the bow. The parents of the two were heartless, war machines who only cared for their children’s improvement in combat. No true love was shown to either of the children from birth. Rudic picked up on the techniques fast, but Evelyn had no interest for archery, and instead studied the ways of the druids. Because of this decision, Their parents shunned her, ignoring her in every way possible, basically disowning her. The lack of attention and care caught up to her throughout her years. Rudic tried to keep Evelyn company whenever he was not in training, but still did not keep her from performing a terrible act. Rudic was taking a midnight walk throughout the forest, when he stumbled upon Evelyn, sitting on the edge of a cliff, gazing out into the starry night. Rudic questions her why she was out so late at night, and she responded in a foreboding tone, “You should check on our parents, they don’t seem too well…” Confused, Rudic made his way back to the house. Once he opened the door, hundreds of spiders ran out of the house beneath his feet. When he looked up, he saw both of his parents, lying dead on the ground, being swarmed by spiders. Rudic ran back to the cliff side, only to find out that Evelyn has left.

It was not too hard for Rudic to live by himself in the Elven Capital, because he was old enough to take care of himself. He was not terribly phased by the death of his parents, because, as mentioned earlier, they never showed any affection to their children. Rudic swore to himself, many years after the fateful incident, to find his sister, just to see how she is holding herself together. Rudic is concerned for Evelyn’s well being, because he knew that a century of neglect can twist a person’s way of thinking.

After the many years of waiting, Rudic takes a ship to the city of Darantai, where he meets up with a group of adventurers to help find his long lost sister Evelyn.

Rudic Maethil

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